Summit Radiology is a 39 physician group based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. As of mid 2010, they provide interpretive services for 15 hospitals and 15+ clinics and imaging centers. They implemented TeleRIS in 2009, along with a new central PACS and dictation system.

Their goals for the system were:
  1. Increased radiologist efficiency
  2. Provide high quality sub-specialty services
  3. Enable growth without linear costs

According to Ian Gass, CIO, 堨ad become victims of our own success, in a sense. As we added more contracts we also had to add staff and systems to allow our radiologists to read. What this meant, in reality, is that we had reached a point where growth wasn෯rth it anymore 祠couldnಥach our profit goals with that model. In addition, we had problems getting orders to the right doctors, as well as fully utilizing on site radiologists.Ⲿ
Summit୯del is to place radiologists at their client೩tes, which provides a high level of service and interaction with their clientనysicians. 衴 was the positive,ᣣording to Mr. Gass. The problems it created were multiple worklists for the doctors to monitor, multiple workstations to read from, order prioritization issues and very unbalanced workloads.

Ian states that the impact of TeleRIS was immediate; 鴨 the efficiencies gained we堢een able to combine 2 of our rotations into 1, eliminating the need to hire additional radiologists to keep up with current growth. This is very exciting as we are still expanding.Ⲿ

⩯r to ThinAir, our radiologists and support staff were having to watch multiple PACS worklists, waiting for stat cases to pop up and hoping they were noticed it in a timely manner. We also had problems where lower priority cases would often go overlooked for extended periods of time until a physician௦fice called looking for the report. With the 쯢al篲klist we have with ThinAir, and its ability to track a reportಥquired turn around time, we know immediately when stat cases arrive and we堡ll but eliminated the problem of cases becoming stagnant.

Additionally ThinAir has also allowed us to fully utilize our sub-specialty trained radiologists, even if they堷orking from our Hawaii location. Previously we would run into situations where a sub-specialty radiologist was unavailable to the rest of the system because they were reading in a location not connected ﵲ most valuable resource was, in reality, isolated.

With the TeleRIS assignment engine, we know what each radiologistҖU workload is at all times and the system automatically assigns orders to the correct doctors. It also keeps track of each order࣯ntracted turnaround time and sends alerts when orders start aging. An added benefit of TeleRIS is its ability to 稥re each order came from and launch the appropriate PACS viewer for each study. This is very important to us because our physicians read local studies on the siteЁCS and remote studies from our central PACS viewer; but we need all the reports and other data in our TeleRIS system. This is all automatic with the ThinAir Data system.ꉼ/div> thinairdata_11202014a006002.jpg thinairdata_11202014a006001.jpg
ⰱ4 ThinAir Data Corp.
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