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ThinAir Data is a leading provider of customized radiology workflow solutions.

ThinAir Data TeleRIS?is the first RIS built specifically to address the reporting and workflow challenges of reading for multiple contracts and facilities. TeleRIS?is designed for facilities and radiology groups looking to grow their business by servicing multiple contracts. Day or night, prelims or finals, the country's leading reading service providers use TeleRIS?to efficiently service multiple contracts. TeleRIS?is also used to centralize the reading responsibilities of large radiology groups so their radiologists can use a single RIS and reporting solution.



Complete Workflow, Reporting, Distribution and Management Solution for Multi-contract Radiology and Teleradiology.

The TeleRIS?structure and workflow was designed specifically for radiology groups who are providing preliminary and final interpretations for multiple contracts and facilities and wish to be able to use the most efficient reading methods possible.

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